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Military Craft

Terry's big 1/24 scale PT heads out for a run at our 2008 Three Rivers Fesitval Fun Run.
One of the most popular R/C models of all time is the Lindberg 1/32 scale PT-109.   Though not an R/C model as manufactured, the relatively spacious hull allows the modeler to install higher quality components which transform the model from a toy into a serious scale reproduction.
Mike's Coast Guard picket boat is a gem, both on display and on the water.  Scale models do not need to be big to leave a big impression.
Mike's semi-scale submarine is a "dynamic" diver.  This method of operation uses the forces imposed by the diving planes to pull the boat underwater.  Once under, if the diving planes are returned to a neutral position, the boat will travel horizontally.  When the planes are pointed up or forward motion is halted, the boat returns to the surface.
Here is our 1/192 scale U.S.S. Indiana  (BB58) cruising the serene waters of Fort Wayne's Lakeside Park. propulsion.


















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