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What type of model should I chose?  

HINT  :  JOIN YOUR LOCAL CLUB !  We can help you chose the right model or project.

Buy a ready to run model

The sailboat is probably the most common type of ready-to-run model we have in our club.  For those with no model building experince, a ready-to-run sailboat or runabout is a great choice. There are a fair number of RTR models available and c lub members can advise you on which models will provide good long term service.

Buy a kit based on a plastic or vacuum formed hull
The kits from "Vac-U-Tug" are good examples
of this type of construction.

Another solid chocie is the "Liberty" tug from Midwest Products.  (Note: Midwest models are no longer manufactured.  Check EBay, local swap meets, and club members for available kits.)

Buy a professionally molded fiberglass hull
Starting with a nice fiberglass hull, you add your own scratch-built superstructure. Some hulls with come with plans for the superstructure, some do not.

Add electric motors to a plastic model
This popular option has an almost "cult" following the in the world of RC modeling.  But for the true newcomer, the Lindberg PT-109 is probably your best bet for a successful project.
Buy a complete plank on frame kit
It is highly recommened that you have extensive modeling experience if are comtemplating a plank on frame kit. 

There is a large selection of plank on frame kits on the market, most of which can be found listed on the LoyallHanna Dockyard web site.
Scratch build a model entirely from plans
I have seen several first-timers build some fanatastic models from scratch.  But these folks were highly experienced RC aircraft or scale railroading modelers long before attempted their first model ship. 

But if scratch building is your calling, check out the extensive listing of plans available through Taubman Plans Service.
















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