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Pleasure Craft

Mike Banks built the "Wee-Nip" from a set of plans obtained from Marine Modeling International magazine. 

Mike's boat is not only a visual delight, but sails very well.
Brad's Cobra is an example of one of the many Chris Craft ranabout kits avaiable from Dumas Products.
Another Chris Craft kit from Dumas models heads out for quick run.  This is a triple cockpit runabout.
Sailboats are very popular with RC boaters.  This is a Kyosho Dolphin, an easy to assemble "almost ready to run" boat available from several mail order catalogs and internet hobby stores.
Terry Beeler prepares his Blue Leopard for a day on the water.  This kit depicts a private yacht and features both sail and electric propulsion. otor propulsion.


















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